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A little something

They say good copywriters are those who get into Droga5. That separates you from the rest. I say, No. What separates you is your work ethic, portfolio, and what you give into the ad world. A good copywriter can get clients with a headline but a great copywriter can evoke an emotion. 

I don't understand, why creatives try so hard to get into a particular agency and look past the rest of them. Whereas the rest of these agencies are the ones producing some of the best work in the world. Also, why do they feel sad when they don't get selected for Droga5. The agencies they get into are going to help them create some of the best portfolios ever. 

But who am I to say? Just a Chief Creative Intern at Ogilvy New York. I don't even know where I'll be going to in my next quarter. All I know that the person writing this article/rant is a kickass writer and churns out ideas like a madman. Also, he is really good at grabbing the recruiter's attention. 

Here's a wonderful picture of myself to make your day better and your decision easier.