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Don't get hurt.

We are from Mumbai, the place where everyone hustles, it’s like you have never seen before. Scorching heat or flooded streets, we are out there and we are making it happen.

We are young and hot blooded, we are hungry, we are deadly. We don’t stop when we are tired, we stop when we are done. This is why we standout, we are obsessed and there is nothing deadlier than two good looking kids from Mumbai who are obsessed about making an impact on people. We will walk into the room and destroy the brief. Sell you this pen? Done. Next thing you know your whole family uses that pen including the cousin you ignore. While others are arguing about Yanny or Lauren, we are doing things people don’t even know are possible.

We want you to understand the intensity, the passion, the hunger and the impact that we can create with our ideas and our personalities behind our ideas. We are the swat team that every agency should have but unfortunately only one can. We go in and get the job done. So, sorry if this was too much for you but that’s how we do it back home. Now, if we are done with all the talking. Let’s get down to business.